Quick Review: Kat’s Got Your Tongue

Posted: 14/07/2011 in Female, Sistova, Sistova | Quick Review
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Bursting with excitement to watch the award winning Kat Francois on stage, I’ve heard so much positive things about Kat and the only time I got a feel of Kat was in the audience at Rum Punch, which left me thinking she’s not a shy one at all. Her comments she shouted out from time to time were very amusing. So with that small dose of Kat I knew this show would be entertaining.

We were first greeted by Grenadian Granny who was very very funny she had me in snitches! Throughout the night Kat played several characters and when she was Kat, she was blunt. She spoke on many subjects the ones that made me cry with laughter was the issues she has with her sister’s carer, campaigning for a new protection for black people and teaching sex education to school children. She even played a guy that was addicted to…Let’s just say it turned my stomach a little she was sniffing her fingers, shaking, like she seriously had an addiction.

But back to sex education this is where I cried with laughter. Kat asked the parents in the audience to teach their children about puberty because if you don’t to imagine your young daughter running into your room screaming ‘Mummy I’m dying!!

Kat’s Got Your Tongue was brilliant. Kat interacted with the audience and I am now a FAN of the deservingly award winning poet Kat Francois!! I left the show in high spirit and a smile that was not leaving my face, I loved every minute and it did really make my belly hurt with laugher.

Thanks for a great night Kat!!

Peace and Sistova lurve

Annette xxx

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